Am Friday 21 August 2009 04:23:06 schrieb Jonatan R. Catai:
> Dear All,
> I added a float picture on my report and Lyx adds the caption automatically
> - so far so good. However, the caption stays on the center of the page. I
> tryed clicking with the right button of the mouse outside the caption box,
> within the float picture box, and in Paragraph Settings change to left, but
> no sucess - the caption remaings on the center in DVI and PDF output. Am I
> doing something wrong? How can I change its position to the left?
> I am using article koma script.
> Jonatan

Mark the float with mouse, click with right mouse button, select paragraph 
settings > justification left
(wording might be different in English; I am using the German setting)


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