On 2009-08-25, Jonatan R. Catai wrote:

> Interesting to think about the feature as part of the textclass. Yes, it
> surprised me.
> Who have determined that the textclass would have such behavior for
> short captions (or wherever other feature) and is there a reason for
> that?

Its up to the document class author (typically a typographical expert)
and it is considered a "good" layout.

As you are not the first to ask, there is already a latex package:

  The caption_ package provides many ways to customise the captions in
  floating environments like figure and table.

.. _caption:

To change it in just one "annoying" case, the quick-and-dirty aproach is
OK. For a general change to the document layout, add something like the
following to the document preamble (maybe in your template doc):



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