Le 24/08/2009 20:23, Jonatan R. Catai a écrit :
Hello, Wolfgang

Yes, my caption is small, a few words only (I just want to show a structural
formula of a molecule - so, there isn't much to say about it). When I added
some more words to the caption, then the suggestion of using the caption
package worked. I looked at the Embedded Object for small caption but could
not find anything. The interesting thing is that only the caption stay on
the middle of the page, no matter what I do. The picture itself, goes to the
right, center, left when I just select Paragraph Settings and choose the

Just a point: the fact that captions are centered when short enough and justified when they are longer than a normal line (the only layout that exhibits this behaviour AFAIK) is considered to be a feature of the textclass :) Are you sure that the behaviour you want is better, or is it just that it surprised you?


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