Agoldenquill wrote:
> dirac14 wrote:
>> Hello there!
>> I am a relatively new lyx user and this is my first post so please
>> forgive my total ignorance..
>> I ve searched for at least 3 hours to give myself the answer to the
>> subject's question . . .  what do i have to do in order to install a new
>> package and make it work as if it were preinstalled in lyx?
> I am in the same position as dirac14. I began using LyX about a month ago,
> but in that time I have yet to figure out how to install new packages. I
> searched everywhere, but all the LyX information seems written for
> programmer-types, or people who know LaTeX. Yet the LyX webpages said one
> does not need to know LaTeX in order to use LyX.
> Does anyone have simple, regular, end-user English instructions for
> installing new packages?
> Any help is appreciated.

you should have the packages installed into MikTex (that is where all my
packages are stored). In Lyx, go to Documents->Settings. In Settings, go to
the bottom of the list on the left side, "Latex Preamble." highlight that
and there should be a big blank box to the right instead of other options.
In this box you write,
where packagename is the name of the package you downloaded from CTAN.

Hope this works.

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