On Tue, 03 Nov 2009 09:09:49 -0700
Rob Oakes <rob.oa...@oak-tree.us> wrote:

> But are there other things that you would like to see?  The standard LyX
> documentation is so good that I've found myself struggling to find other
> topics that need to be covered, other than a tremendously quick overview
> of the program and instructions on where to find the docs.

A clear overview of how to use accented (or otherwise punctuated
characteres) would be useful (with indications why it sometimes won't
work). I couldn't get character composition to work in 1.5.x; it
spontaneously re-appeared in 1.6.x (I suspect because of Qt 3.x and Qt

I guess this would be particularly useful for writers who only
ocasionally use other languages.


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