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> Rob
>  But are there other things that you would like to see?  The standard LyX
>> documentation is so good that I've found myself struggling to find other
>> topics that need to be covered, other than a tremendously quick overview
>> of the program and instructions on where to find the docs.
> I wonder if something on Lyx/Sweave/R/Beamer might be useful. This
> combination is unbeatable (and I think unique, ignoring working with
> straight Latex) for anyone with scientific/statistics  related
> teaching/writing/presentations to do, but not immediately obvious how to get
> working, especially  with beamer (I am still trying to sort that out).

I absolute second that. I created a slides for an R course in LyX, using
exactly this combination. But I think, there are some points to be ironed
out, e.g. that the converters for R need to be entered manually in LyX and
that many frames I had to enter in ERT boxes, as I did not manage it with
normal LyX frames.

In essence, brilliant combination, but sometimes quite cryptic problems,
which require ERT boxes in LyX - but I love this combination


> Graham

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