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In addition, I'd really like some instructions/examples on how to create
"business" like >documents. When I've tried, I've found it difficult and
annoying to try to get the appearance the >way the company wants it. (With
logos, lines and legaleese..). So tips and instructions on that >would
certainly be useful

I would also support this.

  Don't know if I can help, but I use LyX for most business reports,
proposals, and permit applications. The document classes are those from the
KOMA-script collection because of their flexibility and ease of
customization and how readily they accept logos above titles and in other
positions. My proposals -- most of them, anyway -- use the letter2 class
with the company logo as the letterhead on the first page and the
addressee's name, date, and page number on continuation pages.

  Much nicer than when I'm forced to use OO.o Writer for this stuff.


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