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Fuzzy icons when they should be sharp, black lines that are not lines nor black any more. Don't tell me you don't see the problem with the table float image, it's obvious.

I must admit that I never noticed this. As I now know where to look, I see that the lines in this icon are a bit blurred.

Icon designers spend days to get pixel-perfect icons. Bitmap icons cannot be scaled.

The question is what size we should design for because right-clicking on a toolbar offers you 3 different icon sizes.

I remember that one of the Tango designer, Jimmac, bloggeed about how the scalable (svg) icons were not good, but they could still be a solution. Most desktops follow the freedesktop icon standards. It seems they create one folder per size. Could be also a solution.

But anyway, as you identified problematic icons, can you provide a better one for e.g. the table float icon? LyX will benefit from this.

I have tried, but this list has restrictions that makes it hard posting the result. See the thread "Why this list refuses small zip / 7z archives ?" I started a few weeks ago, it should contain an image of the Tango icons I use (and a link on rapidshare to download it).

At present, my issue in distributing it is about mixed licenses (LyX icons are GPL, Tango are public domain, I use part of a gimp icon, several icons come from the Tango openoffice.org theme, whose license I haven't found yet, but comes with Mandriva "free" edition).

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