Hi all


I have downloaded the latest version of Lyx for windows and having troubles
installing the spell checker function on my windows 7 machine. I installed
Aspell on to my computer and found that the spell checker still fails to
work. I also have obtained the latest English dictionaries and placed them
under Aspell program data under folders data and dictionary and still obtain
errors while using lyx. 


The current error that I obtain when trying to use the spell checker is "
Spellchecker cannot be loaded,
C:\programdata\aspell\Dictionaries/en-common.rws cannot be opened for

I have searched on google, Lyx, Aspell, wiki documents  and found nothing.
During this time of trying to actually solve this problem, there is a clear
lack of documentation for installing Aspell and installing the dictionary
files for windows as the program is more Linux orientated. 


As other guides state you should copy the dictionaries into the Aspell
directory, is this correct? Other guides in linux state you should compile
these dictionaries. So I am currently confused on what i am suppose to do. 


Is there any chance of someone providing a  step by step instructions for
installing Aspell and dictionaries on to lyx for windows? Or providing
information in correcting my problem. 








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