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On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 4:24 AM, Julien Rioux<jri...@physics.utoronto.ca>wrote:

On 07/04/2010 7:08 PM, Sajjad wrote:

6. The liuthesis.layout file contain the following:

#% Do not delete this line below; configure depends on this
#  \DeclareLaTeXClass{liuthesis}

If that's all you have in there, this is not sufficient. As suggested, a
good starting point for you would be to copy the book.layout file.

If it not then , i did copy the contents of book.layout and put it into the

What should i do now? Any reference ?

Yes. Do this:

If that is what you did, I don't know what the matter is. If you start LyX
from a console you might get useful information for debugging.

You probably have an error somewhere in the layout file.


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