On 04/13/2010 06:12 AM, Guenter Milde wrote:

The problem occured also in the dinbrief class. It's solved by
defining two styles. From dinbrief.layout::

   # dinbrief's \phone has 2 args, area and number. We define an empty
   # command that can be set by the Area_Code style


   # dinbrief's \phone has 2 args, area and number,
   # define both as distinct styles

   Style "Area code"
        CopyStyle       DinBrief
        LabelString     "Vorwahl:"
        LatexName       "renewcommand{\areacode}"

   Style Telephone
        CopyStyle       DinBrief
        LabelString     "Telefon:"
        LatexName       phone
        LatexParam      {\areacode}

It should be possible to adapt this technique to liuthesis if the ERT
hack is too hackish.

That's impressive, but pretty hackish itself! Perhaps for 2.1 I'll try to get actual multi-argument commands working.


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