On 2010-08-12, Julio Rojas wrote:
> I have created a sample document with math included and tgpagella
> doesn't render math environments. At the end, I had to use:

> \usepackage{mathpazo,tgpagella}

> In order to have have mathpazo characters in math environments.

You can also try {qpxmath,tgpagella} (where qpxmath is Pagellas own
math extension from times where it still was called Quasi-Palatino).

> Tgpagella seems to be narrower, but not by much. It saves some space
> but this is far from dramatic.

Pagella should be identic in the base characters but e.g. the small
caps differ (although both, Pagella and mathpazo, provide *true* small


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