On 12/08/2010 05:58 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
Justin Wood wrote:
1. conflict with AMS package
I've found that simply activating XeTeX under *Document Settings –
Fonts*will cause parsing errors on viewing if the document also has
*Math Options – Use AMS math package* checked; eg, LaTeX Error: Command
`\Finv' already defined, etc. I think this is a known conflict between
XeTeX and the AMS package, is that right? By changing the setting to *Use
AMS math package automatically* though, these particular errors go away.
Note that this occurs in the generic default new document (*article*
class) as well as the *KOMA-script book *class that the thesis uses.
Yes, I've seen this too. Not sure what to do. We could disable "AMS always"
for XeTeX, if necessary, but I guess we need to do some more research yet.

2. conflict in thesis template
Beyond that, changing to the automatic AMS math package in the thesis
document introduces new errors. In a brand new, entirely unmodified
chapter template file, XeTeX compilation now complains about the use of '
\addto \extrasenglish{' in the preamble (used to define cross reference
identifiers). Is this another conflict between XeTeX and ... is it
*hyperref * these overrides refer to?
The reason for this is that XeTeX now uses polyglossia, which does not know
these \addto commands (which are from babel). Are these templates shipped
with LyX? If so, we need to embrace these calls in


3. custom character-style error
Finally, and this is more an annoyance than an impediment, my custom
character style module generates an *Undefined flex inset *error: 'Flex inset 
is undefined because of class conversion from article to article' (and the
same occurs in scrbook). This only seems to get thrown if I save a change
made within Document Settings, not on view, etc. Is there something in my
module that might cause this?

#\DeclareLyXModule{thesis styles}
#Adds character styles for PhD thesis

InsetLayout    CharStyle:TechnicalDefinition
     LyxType               charstyle
     LabelString           techdefn
     LatexType             command
     LatexName             techdefn
         Family              Sans
         \newcommand*{\techdefn}[1]{{\sffamily{\mdseries #1}}}
There has been some syntax change. And if I remember well, it is difficult
to handle self-defined modules. But I'm not sure. Richard can tell you more.

I think this bug was in beta1 and has since been fixed. I know I spent some time looking at it. If it is still in beta2, please let me know.


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