Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:

> Justin Wood wrote:
>> 1. conflict with AMS package
>> I've found that simply activating XeTeX under *Document Settings –
>> Fonts*will cause parsing errors on viewing if the document also has
>> *Math Options – Use AMS math package* checked; eg, LaTeX Error: Command
>> `\Finv' already defined, etc. I think this is a known conflict between
>> XeTeX and the AMS package, is that right? By changing the setting to *Use
>> AMS math package automatically* though, these particular errors go away.
>> Note that this occurs in the generic default new document (*article*
>> class) as well as the *KOMA-script book *class that the thesis uses.
> Yes, I've seen this too. Not sure what to do. We could disable "AMS
> always" for XeTeX, if necessary, but I guess we need to do some more
> research yet.

This should be fixed as well in the next release. The trick is to load all 
AMS packages before fontspec (which itself loads xunicode, which has to be 
loaded after the AMS packages). See


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