Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:

>> 2. conflict in thesis template
>> Beyond that, changing to the automatic AMS math package in the thesis
>> document introduces new errors. In a brand new, entirely unmodified
>> chapter template file, XeTeX compilation now complains about the use of '
>> \addto \extrasenglish{' in the preamble (used to define cross reference
>> identifiers). Is this another conflict between XeTeX and ... is it
>> *hyperref * these overrides refer to?
> The reason for this is that XeTeX now uses polyglossia, which does not
> know these \addto commands (which are from babel). Are these templates
> shipped with LyX? If so, we need to embrace these calls in
> \...@ifpackageloaded{babel}{%
> ...
> }{}

This problem should be fixed in the next release. The trick is to embrace 
these calls in


so that they are executed after polyglossia (and babel).


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