> However, I also found that even if I do not check any of the AMS math
> options, LyX 2 behaves as if the "Load AMS math automatically" option
> were set:
> a) the "AMS symbols" toolbox is enabled.
> b) inserting a symbol from it inserts \usepackage{amssymb} in the preamble.
> c) even writing \Rrightarrow in a math box (converts this to the symbol and)
>   inserts \usepackage{amssymb} in the preamble.
> Because of c), a work-around with disabling AMS math in the checkbox and
> loading in the LaTeX preamble will fail.

Note there is (correctly or not) a difference between amsmath and
amssymb. The Document->Settings->Math Options can only prevent using
\usepackages{amsmath}. amssymb is always loaded automatically or
loaded when you choose "use amsmath".

This is the same as in 1.6.x.


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