On 2011-03-23, Steve Litt wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 March 2011 09:54:29 you wrote:

>> As for Word/OO<-->LyX interoperability, that seems a chimera. How can
>> LyX ever be interoperable with Word, when even the LaTeX/LyX roundtrip
>> will not get you back the document you started from? It seems to me
>> that a more reasonable goal would be to have a Word-output function
>> that strips all formatting except the semantically relevant items
>> (emphasis, etc) and produce a clean Word file ready to be imported
>> into a typesetting program or to be sent to Word-only people. 

> Even better, in addition to exporting emphasis and noun, have it export the 
> named but empty styles (environments and character styles) used in the doc, 
> so 
> the word doc has the styles and the text marked up with those styles. Then 
> all 
> that remains is to go in and modify those styles in MSWord or OOffice to 
> produce the desired look. After all, modifying a style in Word is five 
> minutes, not five hours.

> This is a wonderful idea. Now if we can only go the other direction...

I think we should have "semantic" import/export filters in addition to
"visual" ones for all relevant document formats.


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