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On 24/03/11 19:09, Steve Litt wrote:
> On Thursday 24 March 2011 07:01:19 Rainer M Krug wrote:
>> On 24/03/11 11:29, Guenter Milde wrote:
>>> On 2011-03-23, Steve Litt wrote:
>>>> This is a wonderful idea. Now if we can only go the other direction...
>>> I think we should have "semantic" import/export filters in addition to
>>> "visual" ones for all relevant document formats.
>> I absolutely agree - this would make life so much easier: you can write
>> in LyX, export sematically to doc / odt and do the formating in word /
>> openoffice / libreoffice if the editor / conference only provides a
>> specific word template.
>> Definitely a priority.
> I'm not quite sure what you guys mean by "semantic import/export", but if you 
> mean exporting the text marked up with (empty) styles and the (empty) style 
> definitions so all I have to do with the MSWord file is fill in the styles, 
> then I'm on it like a squirrel on a tree. Let me tell you why.
> The (insert your own curse phrase here) fools controlling the various eBook 
> formats have made it almost necessary to use MSWord as the input to the eBook 
> conversion process. Saaayyy whaaaaat??? So let me get this straight. I write 
> my book in a good software like LyX, and then have to rewrite it in (insert 
> your favorite phrase meaning "incompetent" here) MSWord in order to put it on 
> a Kindle? Really?
> You know, if we're really considering this, there should be an option to 
> convert what we call Part, Chapter, Section, Subsection... to MSWord's 
> Header1, Header2, Header3, Header4 etc. And of course we need to do it 
> configurably because not everyone uses parts and not everyone uses chapters. 
> I'm attaching part of my VimOutliner to LyX converter so you can see how I 
> implemented a similar level to level mapping in that software.

I mean (and I thought that that is meant by "semantic export") exactly that:

Exporting the document in such a way, that the structure is maintained,
but the final printed document does not conform to LaTeX rules, but to
MSWord rules.
For this, as you mention we needd to "convert what we call Part,
Chapter, Section, Subsection... to MSWord's Header1, Header2, Header3,
Header4 etc.". It would be nice if one could have a mapping table,
inwhich is stated "Part -> Header1" , "Chapter -> Header2", ... but
which could be customised --- the default should map to the styles in
the default template of MSWord.
Character formating (emphasized, bold, ...) shgould be exported as
character formating, as it would be horrible to sort that out again.

And if I say MSWord and doc, I also mean LibreOffice / OpenOffice and odt.

For the use case of collaboration, the comments and track changes should
be exported as well.

Next step: it would be nice to have an importer, who is doing the same
the other way round - but that would be the next step.

I would guess that an exporter / importer combo like that would make
perfect sense for the use Steve mentioned and also be a perfect solution
for collaboration.



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