> Err, sorry I don't understand how does "CleanMyMac" have any effect upon the
> content of the LyX wiki? The wiki entry for Mac points direct to an FTP
> directory for MacTeX (the package is 1.2Gb) others have suggested that there
> are smaller (streamlined) packages available but anyone looking at the LyX
> wiki isn't going to know that. We don't all have perfect knowledge.
> And if one wants to boast LyX is installed here on a MacMini Server with 8Gb
> and 1Tb of disk storage. And on a 120Gb Macbook Pro.

The suggestion to link to the MacTeX homepage is a good one. (We had
that link before, I believe; I'm not sure why it was changed.) At any
rate, I've made some modifications. Feel free to edit some more if you
like. (If you don't have it already, you can ask on the list for the

By the way, please bottom-post in this list. It makes it easier for
others to follow the conversation.


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