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> It'll trim approximately 1 Gig in unnecessary language and other crap
> from *ALL* apps and stuff, not just from the wiki, but if space is tight
> yu don't have to mess about installations :-)-O

Shame it doesn't also trim email replies too. 86 lines of back story that a
decent threading email can cope with and FYI-28 non-compliant .sig files.

Interesting I didn't see any mention of the CleanMyMac web site about it
being able to trim a LaTeX installation.

And the original observation was not about the disk footprint of MacTex but
rather the size of the download, which for some ... say in Namibia where
telecomms are still not T1 quality may be a consideration. And for some of
us englska är inte endast språk; neither Mac OS X with all the latest Snow
Leopard gizmos nor TeX can deal with the language into/from which I
translate every day of my working life.

Regards, Trevor.

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