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> > ... The wiki entry for Mac points direct to an FTP
> > directory for MacTeX (the package is 1.2Gb) others have suggested that
> there
> > are smaller (streamlined) packages available but anyone looking at the
> LyX
> > wiki isn't going to know that. We don't all have perfect knowledge.
> The suggestion to link to the MacTeX homepage is a good one. (We had
> that link before, I believe; I'm not sure why it was changed.) At any
> rate, I've made some modifications. ...

I thought I had seen it there in the past but I update LyX so irregularly
(the version I had was adequate for my occasion need or, as now, installed
afresh on a new system).

> Feel free to edit some more if you
> like. (If you don't have it already, you can ask on the list for the
> password.)

Already did; already haven't got.

By the way, please bottom-post in this list. It makes it easier for
> others to follow the conversation.

Usually do. Sign of my ire at irrelancies when I don't. FYI 28 rules ... or
should but people ignore it.

Regards, Trevor.

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