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> On Thu, 15 Sep 2011, stefano franchi wrote:
>>   I am sure this question has been asked before, but searching the list
>> and the wiki did not produce any result. (please redirect me to the
>> correct place if I am wrong. Or enlighten me and I'll a dd a wiki page if
>> none exists).
> Stefano,
>  I don't have a generic answer but can write that I've had no problems
> upgrading TeXLive. I run Slackware and there's a SlackBuild script that
> correctly compiles everthing. Of course, one compressed source file is 1.2G
> in size so it takes a while to download, and the build also takes a long
> time, a lot of disk space (about 5G), and strsses the CPU.
>  But, when the package is built, I upgrade the installation, then invoke
> LyX to check. It fires right up and works without any involvement by me.

Hi Rich,

I am on Kubuntu, but did not use its Debian-derived package system to
upgrade Texlive. I went at it directly with the Texlive net installer.
Installation was fine. Indeed, I am now using lyx to write, exporting
the file to Latex, and then doing all my compilations either from the
command line or from Kile.
It is just Lyx that refuses to see the new installation. Perhaps I
should trash the relevant config files in my ~/.lyx folder? Can anyone
know which ones?



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