Julio, David:

I do not have the ubuntu-provided install of texlive. However, I do
have 2 working texlive installs: the 2010 texlive and the 2011
texlive. I need to keep the older one around for a while until a book
I wrote with it is actually printed.
I have no problems from the command line. I just switch the paths
around in my .profile file. But I want to have texlive as the default,
so that all my new projects compile with the newer installation and
newer packages. Again, I can accomplush the task easily from the
command line, and pdflatex and companions work as expected.

It' s just Lyx that's giving me problems. A far I can tell, when I hit
reconfigure it finds the older 2010 installation and it stops there.
Is LyX using the PATH variable to search for executables? If so,
perhaps there is a config somewhere file that caches the results?



On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 11:15 AM, David L. Johnson
<david.john...@lehigh.edu> wrote:
> On 09/15/2011 11:33 AM, stefano franchi wrote:
>> Hi Rich,
>> I am on Kubuntu, but did not use its Debian-derived package system to
>> upgrade Texlive. I went at it directly with the Texlive net installer.
>> Installation was fine. Indeed, I am now using lyx to write, exporting
>> the file to Latex, and then doing all my compilations either from the
>> command line or from Kile.
>> It is just Lyx that refuses to see the new installation. Perhaps I
>> should trash the relevant config files in my ~/.lyx folder? Can anyone
>> know which ones?
> If you got rid of the distribution-provided texlive, so the new one is the
> only one on your system, lyx should be able to find it if you do Tools >
> Reconfigure.  At least, it'd complain if it couldn't find it.
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