On 07/31/2012 07:10 AM, Eric Weir wrote:

I've been away from LyX for a while, writing in Vim. I now have a document that I need to cut down to 3,500 words from just under 5,000, put references in, and get into APA format in Word. Normally, I would dump the draft in Scrivener, do this work, then compile for Word. I really want to get completely over into working within Vim/LyX/LaTeX. I'm considering dumping the draft in LyX and working from within it. My deadline---probably not a hard one---is tomorrow.

Having been away from LyX for a while, I'm a little rusty. I don't know if this is even possible. When I click on "View other formats," the RTF format is greyed out. If in fact I can compile for or export to RTF, I'd like to give it a try.

Es posible?

If you want to export to RTF, then you need to install latex2rtf or some similar program. But I've had better luck lately exporting to the LyXHTML format, and then loading that in LibreOffice.


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