On Aug 4, 2012, at 11:39 PM, Alan L Tyree wrote:

> I haven't used OO for some time, but as I recall the first line of an
> XHTML file confuses it. Open the XHTML file with Vim or a read editor
> like Emacs (sorry, couln't resist) and delete the first line.
> I think you will have better luck with the Lyx -> XHTML > OO > Word
> route than with other converters.

Thanks, Alan. No offense regarding Emacs. I have no experience with it. I just 
know I love Vim. -;)

I'll give your suggestion a try. As a result of suggestions here regarding the 
lyx > xhtml > LO > doc [or rtf] route, I've installed LO and didn't have good 
luck on the first try with it either. I'll give your suggestion a try on it, 

Eric Weir

"Any assurance economists pretend to with 
regard to cause and effect is merely a pose."

- Emanuel Derman

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