I've been using LyXHTML and writing an XSL to convert from that.
That's left me unsatisfied.

I think the right approach is to have a LyX XML schema, export to
that, then apply an XSL to convert to whatever format you want.  I've
written a script to convert .lyx to XML using a very simple-minded
approach; I don't have a schema defined for this, just well-formed XML
output.  I'm still writing an XSL to replace the one I have that uses
LyXHTML input.

There was a thread about this a while back and the conclusion was that
I'm on my own with this, that for now my lyx2xml is not to be part of
LyX.  Partly there's a desire to consider making XML a native thing in
LyX, and partly there's a desire to not add more things into the LyX
source tree that might break when new features are added elsewhere in
the tree.

Dear LyX dev team: eventually you *really* do need to go the XML
route.  It's getting painful to not have a LyX XML format.  I know
this is a volunteer organization, so it's not like this can be made a
priority, but if you want LyX to be more relevant, then you need to do


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