It is flattering to say, hey John Doe the great novelist is using LyX,
but much more important is another question.

Is LyX the right tool for a publisher who wants to publish printed books
and ebooks from the same source, which is what publishers want to do
today. At least this is what I want to do. ;-)

While there is no question concerning the typesetting quality of
LyX/LaTeX, I still have questions concerning ebooks. I listed them in
another thread.

You can write a bestseller with a pencil or with vim/emacs. LyX could be
a publishing environment producing high quality pdfs and ePubs ready for
distribution. Our target group are not authors (have a look at
Scrivener[1] to see what a program looks like that targets authors) but



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Speculative essay against loss of ancestry and the arrogation of property

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