of course he's right, but then he can google what DILLIGAF stands
for :-)-O

I run a Obstetrician and Gynaecologist's practice for all documents,
letters, reports, some recreated forms, prescriptions, presentations
(beamer and recently discovered beamerposter), statistics (SWEAVE)
and typed my wife's thesis using LyX and BibDesk.

I like NeoOffice (OO on Mac), but only so that I can export to LaTeX
and from there to LyX.

However, I find it as difficult as you to convince people that they
should make it easy on themselves and produce quality output with
minimal effort :-)-O. They are just too lazy...


on 2013-06-09 15:36 Steve Litt said the following:
> =======================================
> "As for Lyx, you need to know that, with very few exceptions —
> none of which immediately come to mind — open source programs
> have great appeal for people who want to tinker with computers but
> almost none for those who actually want to do something.  Such
> apps tend to have butt ugly interfaces and stupid names like Lyx
> and Snort and Gimp and Phlegm.  Last I saw, Lyx wasn't even
> WYSIWYG, for crying out loud.  Forewarned is forewarned.  Or
> something like that."
> =======================================

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