Wolfgang Engelmann <engelmann <at> uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

> >Is there a
> > way to change the formatting of the footnote mark within a title, in
> > order to make the footnote mark less obtrusive at this particular
> > place? I've tried a number of things but none of them work.
> > 
> Did you try a protected return (ctr return) in the footnote to brake the line?
> Wolfgang

Thanks for your quick reply. I tried what you suggested--inserting a protected
return within the footnote itself. Upon output to PDF, there is now an error
message, although the document does compile. The result is that the footnote
mark and the corresponding footnote now disappear completely from the output.

But perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my question: the problem is the format of
the footnote reference mark itself at the end of (or even within) the text of a
section or chapter title. I'm wondering if it's possible to change the format of
the reference mark, so that it doesn't get set in large bold type and stick
out awkwardly.


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