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> > This is a rather uncommon (but not unreasonable) request. I am quite sure
> > there is a way, at least with ERT.
> >
> > If I were you, I would try to get this working in LaTeX first, asking at
> the
> > comp.text.tex usenet list. Then I would try to get LyX to generate the
> > required LaTeX code.
> >
> > Günter
> >
> >
> Thanks for that. I did try fiddling with commands in ERT, but none
> of them worked. I'll try at the site you mention.
> Also, it might be interesting to note that, in his 'footmisc' package
> documentation, Robin Fairbanks repeats that it's best to avoid
> footnotes in titles — but in the very same document he has
> not one, but *two* footnotes before he even gets to the first
> paragraph!

Sebastien, you may have tried this already, it kinds of does what you want
but not quite. It may be a starting point though:

try inserting this ERT command just before your footnote: \footnotesize{
(ending with an open brace, no closing brace)
then, just after your footnote, insert, in ERT: } (just the closing brace)
(see enclosed lyx file for details)

This kludge should bring  the size of the footnote mark down to
"footnotesize" (the usual size for footnote marks, actual size depends on
the base point size of your doc). The problem is that it will put the
footnote mark where a normal superscript would go. If you have a big font
(such as, for instance, in book titles), the footnote mark will be in the
middle of the line. It is not too bad for section and chapter titles
(depending on your class and chapterstyle, of course).
Still, it may be a starting point. You may have to add other ad hoc latex
commands to elevate the footnote mark)

Hope it helps,


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