Hi Jan,

I for one am not irritated :) Actually, you made me think about pulling out the TDock PCB I had assembled for this very purpose and just getting the thing to work finally! I keep hoping the day will come when I have time for fun projects like this again.


On 2/14/18 5:33 AM, VANDEN BOSSCHE JAN wrote:

What's so interesting abou an external screen ? I can hook up a HDMI 24" screen to my modern laptop, but you don't see me hauling one around. It is just another thing that makes working on you computers a bit more comfortable when you're not on the move. You only use your Model T when you travel ?

The DVI is the old-school equivalent of a docking station or a port-replicator. Why would it be useless to re-create that with modern technology, certainly now that 'its so cheap?

Anyway, forget it, forget I asked. I have gotten the impression that by asking something that doesn't sound useful for the technical guys, I have irritated those people.

Sorry guys, I won't do it again. Just drop it.

Greetings from the TyRannoSaurus / Jan-80@work

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    I guess the thing that makes it relatively uninteresting for me is
    that you'll have to be tethered to a display of some kind, which
    negates the most attractive aspect of the ModelT, its portability;
    you might as well just run VT on a laptop.


Well might nice for dev on real hardware. But the only time I do that is when I’m testing serial port stuff so, yeah.

Which I think is why when we’ve talked about this before the parallel port seems the better way. But then you need even more hardware.

— John.

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