Now, now, Jan, no need to get snippy ;-)

Although I'm pretty sure that the answer is as Brian posted, I did (and still 
do) want to do some testing  on a real DVI as you asked instead of making an 
assumption; I thought about the same thing quite a few years ago and did some 
investigating, even disassembling parts of the Disk BASIC overlay, but 
unfortunately can't find my notes from that time.

Unfortunately I didn't realize that this was an urgent issue requiring 
immediate action and thought it could wait until I could find some time to dig 
the DVI out of storage, find a monitor, hook up an LA, etc. etc.

Sorry you couldn't wait; that's the trouble with asking hobbyists to do 
something for you...

I understand that you want a solution that connects through the system bus and 
emulates DVI video exactly; I just wanted to display the M100's screen across 
the room on a 40" TV while comfortably reposing an the couch playing games, so 
I chose the easy way using the serial port.

I thought maybe this would be interesting while waiting for Ken's complete 
solution (especially since using the com port allows a wireless Bluetooth 
connection), but apparently not, so I was curious what you and others wanted to 
do that this didn't satisfy.

As John pointed out it does tie up the serial port, but it seems that you might 
also be able to use the same connection with TS-DOS or similar.

BTW, there's also an article in Portable100 about using the parallel port, but 
although I happen to have the exact obsolete hardware used it looked a lot more 
complicated and limiting.

I'm not sure where you're getting '40 x 16' video as in your other post; AFAIR 
it's either the normal 8 x 40 or 24/25 x 80.

One other thing: the DVI is text only; if you're going to the trouble (as Ken 
probably will) then you might want to also add graphics (even if only the PSET 
etc. functions) and maybe even colour, which will obviously complicate the 
situation somewhat.

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  What's so interesting abou an external screen ? I can hook up a HDMI 24" 
screen to my modern laptop, but you don't see me hauling one around. It is just 
another thing that makes working on you computers a bit more comfortable when 
you're not on the move. You only use your Model T when you travel ?


  The DVI is the old-school equivalent of a docking station or a 
port-replicator. Why would it be useless to re-create that with modern 
technology, certainly now that 'its so cheap?


  Anyway, forget it, forget I asked. I have gotten the impression that by 
asking something that doesn't sound useful for the technical guys, I have 
irritated those people. 

  Sorry guys, I won't do it again. Just drop it.


  Greetings from the TyRannoSaurus / Jan-80@work


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  On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:02 AM Mike Stein <> wrote:

    I guess the thing that makes it relatively uninteresting for me is that 
you'll have to be tethered to a display of some kind, which negates the most 
attractive aspect of the ModelT, its portability; you might as well just run VT 
on a laptop.




  Well might nice for dev on real hardware. But the only time I do that is when 
I’m testing serial port stuff so, yeah. 


  Which I think is why when we’ve talked about this before the parallel port 
seems the better way. But then you need even more hardware. 


  — John. 

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