> Date:          Thu, 16 Dec 2004 01:01:55 -0800 (PST)
> From:          Gregg Eshelman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> The file I'm tyring to track down is viewlfn.zip and
> was uploaded to Simtel in 1996 by View Software Inc.
> It's the last version of their "Long Filenames for
> Windows 95 and Windows 3.1". It's the only software
> ever made that gives 100% compatable access to the
> Win95 VFAT long filename system to Windows 3.1x and
> 16bit apps running on Windows 95.

Gregg, I know you've been looking for that program for some time. 
Hope you are yet able to find it without paying full retail for just 
a disk (Double Bleah).

I've been doing some searching myself for viewlfn.zip for you after 
having read the post on Google Groups, but with no success. I've 
thrown about every file search tool I know of at it. To save you some 
time (and for future reference in file searching), I'll at least tell 
you where I've looked:

Search Engines


Other Repositories
ftp://ftp.icm.edu.pl (last known mirror of the older 
     SimTel.Coast.Net collection)

There's one site I haven't exhausted and you may want to check out:
It has links to a number of file search engines (some of which are 
listed above as ones I tried)

One of the engines there that I haven't tried is an Archieplex, which 
is a WWW front end to the older Archie file search engines. Many 
(hopefully not all) of the Archie servers no longer exist, so be 
prepared to get a bunch of "server not found" errors. You might also 
want to try Googling "Archieplex" to try from another one. Every now 
and then they can be good for finding an old file not found anywhere 

I suspect that the file may be out there in some cobweb-ridden part 
of the Internet, possibly on an abandoned simtel.net mirror (or a 
one-time copy) that's no longer part of the mirror network and thus 
the file was never deleted. Or you could nose around at some of the 
present and past mirrors of the simtel.net collection to see if a 
copy's there.

You might want to try contacting a human at Simtel.Net and ask 1) 
when viewlfn.zip was removed from the repository and 2) if by chance 
they archive files that have been removed from the repository. If the 
latter turns out to be true and you beg, plead and grovel nicely 
enough :), they might dig it out for you. With the former 
information, you could look for copies of the Walnut Creek 
CD-ROM Simtel collection prior to that date (I tried the website 
address of http://www.cdrom.com without success in connecting--it 
appears that they were bought out by Digital River, but their main 
website has no links to an online store, so I can only suggest you 
email them from the contact link at http://www.digitalriver.com and 
see what happened to that part of their operation).

Wish I could have turned up something for you! Plus I'd kinda like to 
have a copy as well.

I'm a MUGWump: My "MUG" is on the Mac side of the fence (since mid-2002), and 
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