On Friday, January 14, 2005, at 11:30 PM, Darren wrote:

Brian Futrell wrote:

As I understand it VPC will make use of a Voodoo2 breaking the 4mb
ceiling for vram which I see as the major drawback of pc emulation.
I'll throw a couple of bucks at it to find out, last local V2 on
went for $15, I was at work and missed it. Worst case, I have
old video card for yet another old mac or pc.

I'm not too sure who the original poster of the above text is, but with the Voodoo 1/2 cards, they do not contribute to the size of an emulated or real video card's RAM. Essentially they are 3D graphic coprocessors that only create 3D graphics, overlaying the result on the 2D video card's signal.

That would have been me, thank you for the report, its a shame we're still stuck with a 4 mg ceiling, still the use of 3D could is an improvement. Have you noticed any speed increase?

There was one other card similar to this made by Matrox called M3D, which was powered by a PowerVR chip. This chip was the ancestor of the graphics chip used in the Sega Dreamcast. The M3D didn't require a passthrough cable from the card to the 2D video card either, communicating through the PCI bus instead.

I'll tried a couple of Matrox cards, nice cards for the pc of their age. Some, sorry I cant be model specific today, some had pass through connections and the ability to expand the video ram.
Sadly the models I've tried to flash dont work as the pc cards bios is smaller than that needed to hold the flash for conversion to mac.

Nowadays the Voodoo 1/2 cards (at least on the PC side) are getting a little long in the tooth. Most 2D/3D PC cards will run faster for not much money.

Nowdays some mobos have superior onboard video at a much smaller price than the cost of such video cards, still these are great for making a old retro box or for use in a nix box where the need for large amounts of vram for the desktop has not yet been made a default.

We have upgraded our test box to a 3.2ht/2gb/nv6800gt I hope to have better results to report running Panther under XP, I'll try to include the results from using different binaries, with and without altivac emulation.

A happy and peaceful new year to you all. :)

For 3D programs, the Voodoo 2 helps a bit. It's still slow though.

With Virtual PC, there's a slight lag between performing an action and hearing the sound associated with it. Currently tested with the Asteroids remake.

With RealPC, I haven't been able to get Asteroids to work. Quake 2 worked OK, but was a little jerky. The sound's does not appear to work in games. It will chime when starting Windows, but other than that the sounds seems to be a dud.

With both emulators, they run for a while, then pause briefly, and repeat the cycle. Running with one of my G3s would help. but the 9600 wasn't doing anything.

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