On 5/7/07 Chris Nandor wrote:
>Have you considered a Perl Foundation Grant? 

On 5/7/07 Tim Bunce wrote:
>Seconded, FWIW.

On 5/8/07 Tom Yarrish wrote:
>This just came through on my RSS reader.....

Let's get behind this. Sherm could do some work that moves CB forward,
maybe the ".scriptingbridge" metadata.

I can't send money right now -- I freelance and am also currently in a
trough. But I've done lots of editing and grant-writing, so if you need
that kind of help to tighten up a proposal, let me know. 

Also, I notice that the Perl Foundation guidelines don't mention letters
of support, but if Sherm submits a proposal, letters to vouch for him &
CB would probably help (now Chris, don't auto-bury them ;-). 

I think we can confidently answer the "Benefits to the Perl Community"

Maybe Apple could make a grant to TPF -- tax-deductible 'n' all --
designated for this project...


- Bruce


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