On 5/8/07 Tim Bunce wrote:
>On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 05:38:42PM -0400, Sherm Pendley wrote:
>> On May 8, 2007, at 5:23 PM, Bruce Van Allen wrote:
>> >I think we can confidently answer the "Benefits to the Perl
Community" issue.
>> That's my biggest concern. CB is mostly of use to the subset of the  
>> community who are using Macs, and need to write GUI apps. My concern  
>> is whether that's a big enough subset to warrant a grant.
>Don't just think about the "Benefits to the Perl _Developer_
>Also think in terms of increasing the size of the Perl _User_ Community
>by enabling quality Mac apps to be implemented in/with perl.

Exactly. I don't have an actual count, but what comes to mind is the
"huge" number of people now dipping their toes into SQL and programmable
database systems simply because of the (L)AMP connection of mySQL and

Appreciate what they're missing (besides being limited to a Web
framework): CB + DBI = the real thing. And there would be plenty of
other growth vectors opened up.

But moving past the "why", some work needs to be done before the sales

Sherm will need to write a proposal and submit it to the Perl
Foundation. The rest of this message has my suggestions for how this
could happen.

The next deadline for submissions is June 8, 2007. Per TPF guidelines,
the proposal needs to include some things that have to be thought
through and written out: 

- Synopsis
  A short description.

- Benefits to the Perl Community

- Deliverables
  Quantifiable results e.g. "Improve X modules in ways Y and Z",
  "Write 3 articles for X website".

- Project Details
  A more detailed description.

Additional non-trivial items are a schedule for the project and a
description of Sherm's background and qualifications to do the project.
A quick look at recently funded TPF grants suggests that this might take
a total of 2500 to 4000 words -- the length of a serious journal
article. To do this in one month, it would be handy to have some
milestones that give Sherm a timeline for writing, and provide those of
us who want to help a structure for some parallel processing. 
1. Project Definition.
To start, the "project" will need to be defined; in my view this should
be the realistic next set of steps in CB's development. The rest of the
proposal follows from the project definition. 
- Sherm's part: I imagine Sherm has next steps in mind, so the task now
would be for him to write out a description and circulate it. 
- Our part: We can help if he needs encouragement to think big or if he
needs to choose what to take _off_ the plate for now.

2. Outlines, lists, or blurts for the sections listed above.
This is just to get started; the point is to see what needs to be said
and where it should be said in the sections of the proposal.
- Sherm's part: Sherm should do this in whatever way he's most
comfortable putting ideas into words. Concreteness and clarity more
important than golden sentences. Ask for support where you have gaps.
- Our part: Review and especially check for what's missing/incomplete in
the _ideas_ for each section. Conceive of examples. Check references. 

3. Writing
Writing is re-writing.
- Sherm's part: Develop drafts. Write to an audience that is both
demanding of you and also believes in you.
- Our part: review drafts, feed back quickly, stay on topic.

4. Proposal Composition
The written pieces need to be strung together in order and printed out
in a format different from the previous composition, so the emerging
proposal may be read with fresh eyes.
- Sherm's part: Piece it together, send it out, and then take a break.
- Our part: Read, review, encourage, stay on topic.

5. Credentials
This is a part that is important but outside the particulars of the
proposed project, namely Sherm's qualifications. 
- Sherm's part: circulate something. Don't be modest, don't BS.
- Our part: Read and review; also write our own brief and focused
support notes/letters.

6. Project Schedule & Budget
The proposal will need a schedule for the project that makes sense, and
a budget for Sherm's time that is credible. At this starting point (May
9), I think attention should be on conceiving a sufficiently large
project to move CB forward -- but I don't know what that is, or how long
it would take. Looking at past TPF grants will give some context for
this. But focus on the project for now, and come back to this after
progress on the above steps.

OK, those are enough milestones for now. All meant in the spirit of
creating a framework, nothing rigid or "right" about it.

How about some dates?
1. Project Definition. 
    Mon, May 14.
2. Outlines, lists, or blurts for the sections listed above. 
    Fri May 18.
3. Writing
    Fri May 25
4. Proposal Composition
    Tues May 29
5. Credentials
    Fri June 1
6. Project Schedule & Budget
    Fri June 1

These dates are arbitrary, but if we get those things done, the
remaining week up to the Fri June 8 deadline should be sufficient for
final editing and refinement.

Sherm, again this is all in the form of suggestions. I want you to feel
that you are doing this with support, and not in isolation while we all
simply wait and count on you come through. Make a few of us your
"client" in the Xtreme programming sense, have lots of back and forth,
and trust yourself.


- Bruce


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