At 12:59 +0200 9/5/07, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
One or two cool apps will help.

To me, this seems the crucial thing to help. I know for myself, CamelBones let me build my own photo organizer (kind of like iPhoto but without the editing and with organising features directly related to how I store and organise and upload my photos). I could never have written thins app with any normal language (or more accurately, it would have taken far too long to be worthwhile doing).

Unfortunately, the benefit is how much it is customized to my needs which makes it pretty much useless as even an example for CamelBones.

Perhaps folks have some ideas for apps that could be written in CamelBones? Something that would presumably use some of the vast CPAN facilities to make something cool with minimal programming effort.

Especially with the OpenGL stuff, I'm tempted to have a go at writing a game in CamelBones/OpenGL. I'm not sure if the license agreements let you write a commercial program using these things though. I think they do (CamelBones is LGPL and OpenGL looks to be fairly permissive, and most Perl stuff is Artistic License which is very permissive). If I ever did, I'd certainly be funneling some portion to support CamelBones.
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