What folders contain files to configure Perl ?

On 7 Sep, 2008, at 20:02, Doug McNutt wrote:

At 18:23 -0400 9/7/08, Vic Norton wrote:
As far as I can tell Perl on a Mac pays absolutely no attention the environmental variable PERL5LIB. I have eliminated all PERL5LIB specifications on my machine.

You WILL have that problem if you try to define PERL5LIB as an environment variable in your .profile or one of the *rc scripts.

If you define it in $HOME/.MacOSX/environment.plist it will actually be read at log in to aqua time and will be reflected in whatever shell script or bbedit worksheet that you open after that.

A login to MacOS neXt bears no resemblance to a login via ssh.

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