Hi, Thanks for replying Andrew.

I don't fully understand what Perl does but if Perl comes installed with OSX it appears that I also have an install of Perl via MacPorts. I assume that
get_iplayer is looking at the preinstalled Perl but I am not sure.

Although I am no expert, I have used the Terminal to install binaries before
so i will give it a go.


On 11 Sep 2009, at 20:32, Andrew Brosnan wrote:

Don't remove your system Perl. Perl is designed to be extended with modules such as the ones you listed. They are normally installed as needed.

Modules are available free via the CPAN at http://search.cpan.org/. Most perl programmers install them using the CPAN module or just via the command line. If you are not familiar with using the command line you may want to look at Fink http://www.finkproject.org/.

Good luck!

On Sep 11, 2009, at 3:05 PM, Mine wrote:


Could someone please advise me as to which is the correct safe way
to uninstall and do a complete fresh install of Perl for OSX 10.4.11.

I've spent the last 4 days trying to get a program called get_iplayer to run on my Mac but is appears that I don't have a full install of Perl.

I have been told that the following are some of the files I need:


use Fcntl
use File::Copy
use File::Path
use File::stat
use Getopt::Long
use IO::File
use IO::Handle
use IO::Seekable
use IO::Socket
use Socket
use Time::Local

Ones that aren't in core AFAIK:

use CGI
use CGI::Cookie
use HTML::Entities
use HTTP::Cookies
use HTTP::Headers
use IPC::Open3
use LWP::ConnCache
use LWP::UserAgent
use URI
use URI::Escape

This is the first time I have had to get involved with Perl so any help would be much appreciated.



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