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>> Good morning,
>> I haven't followed all of this thread (it was digressing there for a while).
>> Would perlbrew be a solution for the OP. I've only been using it a short
>> while but it makes installing and using a custom perl very simple.
> I've been meaning to check that out. It must do more than what I think
> it does, because installing a new Perl is already pretty simple:
>    ./Configure -des --prefix=/where/ever
>    make
>    make test
>    sudo make install
> I'll have to read up on it (thanks for the link) to see what else it does...

The main feature is that it downloads and installs whatever version
you ask it to install.  The second feature is that it manages more
than one copy of perl for you.  So, say you have a work version of
perl that is at 5.8.8 and a home version that is at 5.14.0.  You can

perlbrew install perl-5.8.8
perlbrew install perl-5.14.0
perlbrew switch perl-5.14.0

At this point the version of perl found in the PATH will be 5.14.0

perlbrew switch perl-5.8.8

Now, the version of perl found in the PATH will be 5.8.8

Let's go further and say your work has a web code and backend code.
Different modules are installed in each environment.  You can say

perlbrew install perl-5.8.8 --as web
perlbrew install perl-5.8.8 --as backend

You can then switch between them like this

perlbrew switch web
perlbrew switch backend

Any modules you install with cpan, cpanp, or cpanm (hint: use
"perlbrew install-cpanm" to get cpanm easily and globally for all of
the managed perls) will only get installed in the current version.

If patchperl is installed (and it gets installed by the install script
from the POD), it will allow you to build older versions of perl that
break on newer machines.

That is about all it does, but that can be incredibly useful.
Chas. Owens
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