On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Vic Norton <v...@norton.name> wrote:
> I recently installed Fink to see if it had "pdffonts". This conversation has 
> scared me; I have uninstalled Fink. I certainly don't want to start looking 
> for Perl modules in /sw.

Fear is the mind-killer. :-)

Understanding what Fink does, and does NOT do, is key here. It doesn't
damage or modify your system Perl in any way. All it does is add a
single environment variable that Perl (any Perl, not just Apple's)
looks for when it starts up.

If you want the rest of Fink, but don't want its changes to PERL5LIB,
just undo them. Leave the call to its init.sh in your .profile, and
immediately after that, add a line that overrides its changes to

    export PERL5LIB=''


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