> On Sep 21, 2016, at 13:44, Jack Howarth <howarth.at.macpo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 4:19 PM, Rainer Müller <rai...@macports.org> wrote:
>> On 2016-09-21 21:15, Adam Dershowitz wrote:
>>> That comment does not make it at all clear what those of us who updated to 
>>> Xcode 8 (but not beta!) but are still on OS X 10.11 are supposed to do.
>>> I have posted a ticket about building cmake that seems to be because it is 
>>> trying to use 10.12 SDK, but it is not clear how to work around that.
>> That would be normal. The latest SDK can be used on previous systems.
>> For example, on OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Xcode 7.2 also only ships the 10.11
>> SDK.
> Though apparently not for the SDK installed in / by the Command Line
> Tools!  

The SDK installed at / needs to match the base system.  If you installed 10.12 
headers to /, projects would fail to link due to header / library mismatch.

> Otherwise, Apple wouldn't have declared that there will be no
> 10.11 Command Line Tools in the Xcode 8 releases and would have
> provided  a 10.11 Command Line Tools for Xcode 8.1 which installed the
> 10.12 SDK in /.

Apple never declared that.

The only thing stated is that there would be no release for Xcode 8 (ie, 8.0).

The issue that prompted us to not ship the tools was discovered very late in 
the 8.0 cycle and will take time to address.  We are aware of the problem and 
are working on a solution.

In the mean time, you should just use the 7.3 CLTools (for the SDK at /) and 
Xcode 8.0 for the toolchain.


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