> On Sep 22, 2016, at 9:19 AM, Adam Dershowitz <de...@alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> Perhaps the answer, that I was missing, is that to use Xcode 8, on 10.11, the 
> user must explicitly install CLTools, but that would not be the case to run 
> Xcode 7 on 10.11 or Xcode 8 on 10.12?

On every version of the Mac operating system ever made, to use any version of 
MacPorts ever made, you should install Xcode and the command line tools. It 
would be nice if we did not require both, but we currently do, because some 
ports will fail to build when one or the other is not present. Though if you 
use a default MacPorts installation and can therefore receive binaries from our 
server, you may be able to avoid those problems since you won't have to build 
most ports yourself.

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