On 2018-3-7 01:58 , Ken Cunningham wrote:
> It would be nice to have a command like
> port create URL
> that would download the URL, calc the checksums for it, and build a basic 
> Portfile for it.
> It could ask for a category to use for the Port.
> In a more advance version, it could extract the URL and do some quick 
> analysis on it.
> if there's a CMakeLists.txt file in the root, do the right things to make it 
> a cmake based port.
> If there's a configure file in the root, do the right things for that.
> Might make things faster and easier for people to get started and up and 
> running.
> Certainly would make it easier for people who want to use MacPorts 
> infrastructure to build their own files, as many don't know how to properly 
> set up the include and lib directories, etc.

There's a fairly basic tool called portfile-gen in contrib. Improvements
are certainly welcome.

I'd advise not just blindly setting whatever checksums the downloaded
file happens to have though; the maintainer should be getting those from
a secure source (e.g. https web site) and verifying that they match, or
verifying the distfile against a gpg signature. If that can be automated
somehow then great, but let's not encourage skipping it.

- Josh

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