On Mar 10, 2018, at 11:06, Kenneth F. Cunningham wrote:

> However, at some point in the next few months, when most of the dust has 
> settled and most or all of the available binaries are all properly built 
> against libc++, I'll change the single line in macports.conf from 
> "buildfromsource always" to "buildfromsource if needed" , and get some 
> prebuilt binaries. This will be nice for the real big ones, like octave and 
> llvm and clang and qt4 etc.

If you set up this installation by following the LibcxxOnOlderSystems 
instructions, and you set "delete_la_files yes" as it says to do, then you will 
not be able to use the libc++ binaries we generate, because our binaries for 
10.8 and earlier are generated with "delete_la_files no", and the same 
"delete_la_files" setting must be used by all of the ports that depend upon one 

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