On Mar 13, 2018, at 08:45, db wrote:
> On 12 Mar 2018, at 21:56, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> I'm not aware of any plan to notify users of the cxx_stdlib change, other 
>> than the same way that users are notified of any other port update being 
>> available: by the user running "sudo port selfupdate" and then examining the 
>> output of "port outdated".
> I was considering only subscribing to macports-announce. Would this change 
> make it in there?

Yes, we announce new versions of MacPorts on macports-announce.

>>> Besides rebuilding from source from time to time, I only do port sync.
>> You'll of course have to run "sudo port selfupdate" (or run the installer 
>> downloaded from our web site), not just "sudo port sync", to receive the new 
>> version of MacPorts.
> I compile both base and ports from source, so there's that.

Ok. When the new version of MacPorts is out, you would need to update to it, 
either using "sudo port selfupdate", or using the installer from our web site, 
or by updating your copy of the base source and recompiling it.

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