On 2018-04-11 14:11, db wrote:
> I won't address every single point and just say that it might be interpreted 
> as finger-pointing, but I'm actually curious about what's the state of the 
> project, how it got where it is, where is it going, should I build always 
> from source, should I use another package manager or complement it with 
> another one, etc. And all these I seem to learn only in the mailing list, 
> which might be annoying, I admit.

I do not understand what you mean by "state of the project". These are
questions that most users just do not seem to consider at all.

As said before, if you think information that is only on the mailing
list should be elsewhere, please make it available. Publish it in
whatever form you think would be appropriate.

>>> That streamlined process is what keeps new and updated portfiles in my 
>>> local repo…
>> I have no clue what you wanted to say with this.
> It means that ports I submitted like stem and ipfs are not further reviewed, 
> so new portfiles I write I just keep in my local repo and don't bother 
> submitting.

There are more than 400 pending submissions for new ports on Trac, all
being in various states. If your submission does not make progress,
please ask on macports-dev@ for a review with links to the corresponding

You might also want to consider submitting them as pull requests,
because Perry Metzger is going to make sure no pull request will be
forgotten. :-)


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