Can these 400 new or pending ports on Trac be rolled over into the repo as

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 06:01 Rainer Müller <> wrote:

> On 2018-04-11 14:11, db wrote:
> > I won't address every single point and just say that it might be
> interpreted as finger-pointing, but I'm actually curious about what's the
> state of the project, how it got where it is, where is it going, should I
> build always from source, should I use another package manager or
> complement it with another one, etc. And all these I seem to learn only in
> the mailing list, which might be annoying, I admit.
> I do not understand what you mean by "state of the project". These are
> questions that most users just do not seem to consider at all.
> As said before, if you think information that is only on the mailing
> list should be elsewhere, please make it available. Publish it in
> whatever form you think would be appropriate.
> >>> That streamlined process is what keeps new and updated portfiles in my
> local repo…
> >> I have no clue what you wanted to say with this.
> >
> > It means that ports I submitted like stem and ipfs are not further
> reviewed, so new portfiles I write I just keep in my local repo and don't
> bother submitting.
> There are more than 400 pending submissions for new ports on Trac, all
> being in various states. If your submission does not make progress,
> please ask on macports-dev@ for a review with links to the corresponding
> tickets.
> You might also want to consider submitting them as pull requests,
> because Perry Metzger is going to make sure no pull request will be
> forgotten. :-)
> Rainer

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