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Barry A Warsaw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Do a lot of people filter on Sender: and if so, why filter on that
> header instead of one of the recipient headers?

I filter by default on Sender:.  Why?  In general its unique across all
lists, no matter the MLM used (Yahoo groups are the big exception,
sadly).  RFC 2369 headers may or may not be there.  Checking To/CC
missed BCC's and confuses direct vs list messages for
non-reply-to-munging lists.  Sender, with rare exception, is reliable as
a distinguishing factor for all lists.

> In any event, I don't see changing the Sender: header any time soon,
> so I'd like to say it's fixed in stone <3.0 wink>.

I wouldn't rate changing Sender as much of a problem.  Its an upgrade.
3rd party unrelated systems are expected to have to adapt -- and this is
a pretty minor adaption.

  ObNote: Actually my procmail filters are sufficiently generous with
  their regexes that the new pattern gets matched just fine, so there!

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