Rachel Mawhood wrote:

>Further to this, one of the members has already lost his password ...  :-)
>Will I break anything if I go into his Subscriber Options page via 
>the Admin Control panel and Admin password and press the button to 
>send him a reminder of his password?

Actually, he should go the the options login screen at
http://www.example.com/mailman/options/list_name and enter his email
address at the top and click Remind at the bottom. Then you don't have
to be involved other than giving people this instruction.

You can't do exactly what you suggest, because it will take you to the
options page at
and you will be already authenticated as admin, so you will be at the
options page with no "Remind" button.

You then have to click "Log out" which will take you to the options log
in page for the user (but won't log you out as admin) where you can
click "Remind".

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